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Real Music Academy: Dance Development Programme (Berlin)

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The Real Music Academy: Live Music Dance Development Programme (Berlin) is the most comprehensive LIVE MUSIC education course yet.  Delivered across 4-6 weekends by Guy Schalom (BA Honours in Music), the programme draws on Guy’s formal education in Europe and Canada as well as his Egyptian heritage to combine authentic Egyptian knowledge and wisdom with modern teaching methods suitable for European dancers.

Each weekend features detailed background knowledge and specially-devised exercises for musical and rhythmic understanding plus dance technique from invited guest teachers – each teacher bringing vast experience in their respective fields and serving as inspiration for how to work with live music.  All classes will be led by Guy Schalom and accompanied by his band with plenty of time for improvisation and personal feedback.  The goal being that you can perform with a live band confidently and have all the background information and techniques to make a perfect performance.

The Programme:

MODULE 1 (21-22 April)

Master the fundamentals of Arabic dance with (and without) live music to leave a perfect first impression!

Tanzstudio Nass, Nieberstraße 12, 12487 Berlin / S-Bahn: Schöneweide
– 21 April (12-6)
Rhythmic Mastery | Expert Communication | Advanced Musicality | Performance Skills with Live Music | Egyptian Music Inside Knowledge
– 22 April (12-6)
Melody + Taxim | Musical Interaction | Language of Magencé (3 hours with guest teacher Khalida)

MODULE 2 (23-24 June)

Immerse yourself in Arabic culture and art and earn respect from musicians and audience alike!

Actor Factory, Crellestr. 19/20, 10827 Berlin / S-Bahn: Julius-Leber Brücke / U-Bahn: Kleistpark
– 23 June (12-6)
Advanced Rhythms | Tabla Solo Know-How | Raqs el Assaya (with Guy) | Intro to Tarab
– 24 June (11-5)
Classical Song | Mawal | Intro to Baladi | The Art of Tarab (2 hours with guest teacher Shalymar)


– 12 August Live Music Practice Session in Berlin

– 13-15 September – Performance @ LondonLive

MODULE 3 (24-25 November)

Experience authentic Baladi and explore the oriental lifestyle!

Actor Factory, Crellestr. 19/20, 10827 Berlin / S-Bahn: Julius-Leber Brücke / U-Bahn: Kleistpark
– 24 November (12-6)
Baladi | Amint Billah | Awadi | Intro to Shaabi | Soulful Baladi Combinations (2 hours with guest teacher Angelina)
– 25 November (11-5)
The Golden Era of Arabic Dance | Shaabi: Trad v Mahraganat | Shaabi Spirit (3 hours with guest teacher Yalia)

MODULE 4 (23 February 2019)

Your live music performance, where you need only impress yourself!

Actor Factory, Crellestr. 19/20, 10827 Berlin / S-Bahn: Julius-Leber Brücke / U-Bahn: Kleistpark
Performance with Live Music: Tiyatrom, Alte Jakobstraße 12, 10969 Berlin / U-Bahn: Kochstraße
– 23 February 2019 (All Day)
Exam | Coaching | Rehearsal | Closing Show | Performance with Baladi Blues Ensemble | Certificates


– 24 February (12-5) Special guest teacher announced soon!

All workshop and performance locations are in Berlin, Germany.  Our closing show will be a very special “Araboturka LIVE” and open to friends, family and the general public.

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Benefits & Advantages:

  • Expert music tuition from Guy Schalom (Egyptian heritage; trained in Europe, Canada and Egypt; over 20 years teaching & stage experience with dancers)
  • Guy Schalom’s unique teaching system combining authentic Egyptian knowledge with modern teaching methods suitable for European dancers – so you’ll understand complex and challenging Arabic music more quickly and more deeply
  • International guest dance teachers and musicians each weekend, whose experience will help you accelerate your learning and technique
  • Stage performance with the world-famous Baladi Blues Ensemble in BERLIN and LONDON (optional)
  • Combining theory, practice, training and specialist dance tuition – all with live music!
  • Work with tabla, accordion, oud, singer, saxophone and other authentic Arabic instruments
  • No keyboards: for that authentic baladi, golden era and traditional shaabi feeling
  • Limited numbers to ensure quality
  • Easy to reach, Berlin location close to international airports and train station, with affordable accommodation
  • Tuition in English and German (plus French if required)
  • 2 different packages to help focus your development (Professional or Personal), with the opportunity to book individual modules
  • Optional exam (with certificate) and personal feedback
  • Enjoy dancing to a live Arabic band for many, many hours each weekend
  • Returning students gain a further 25% reduction!!
  • €99 Deposit secures your place!

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Guy Schalom, is an Egyptian percussionist, record producer and teacher currently based in London.   He leads the renowned Baladi Blues Ensemble with whom he has released 10 CDs of Egyptian dance music.  He has also worked with Egyptian recording artists Natacha Atlas, Mahmoud Fadl, Hijazy Metkal, Mussa el Kenawi, the Musicians of the Nile and dancers as diverse as Suraya Hilal and Jillina (Bellydance Superstars).

Guy is highly regarded internationally for his incisive and empowering teaching style and for bringing together the artistic wisdom of the east alongside state-of-the-art teaching methodologies of the west.



Khalida is a multi-award winning professional belly dance performer and instructor from Belgium, currently based in Germany and teaching internationally.  She was the first dancer to win the ‘Bellydancer of the World’ main category at Leyla Jouvana‘s international festival.   Known for her musicality, originality, presence and technique, we are extremely lucky to be able to welcome Khalida to teach a session on the Language of Magencé, accompanied, of course, by live music.


Shalymar is an elegant and sensual dancer based in the Real Music Academy host city of Berlin, Germany.  Deeply in love with Arabic music, Shalymar preserves the original style and feeling of Egyptian and Arabic dance, while incorporating modern elements to create her own unique style.  Extremely active in Berlin and abroad, for example as an integral part of Jillina’s Bellydance Evolution show, we are honoured to welcome Shalymar who will be teaching authentic Interpretation of Tarab music in a live music context.



Originally from Russia, Angelina fell in love with Oriental dance at childhood.  Several education programmes and masterclasses later, she teaches and performs internationally as well as in her home town of Frankfurt and is realising ideas for events such as DanceDate-Frankfurt.  Angelina shares a particular interest in expressing the true essence of authentic Egyptian Baladi and will teach an interactive session on Baladi Combinations in collaboration with live music.


Yalia is an internationally-acclaimed dancer from Vienna, Austria.  She has made a name for herself as having a strong ear for musical detail and her trademark style is well known (and extremely popular) throughout Europe, Egypt and the Far East.  Yalia will be sharing some of her wisdom and passion for Egyptian Shaabi with Real Music Academy participants, also with Live Music.



Returning students: 25% reduction on any booking – Click Here


All 4 Modules, performance with Baladi Blues Ensemble in Berlin (+ London), all tuition, exam + certificate

€99 Deposit secures your place!  Click Here to Book



Modules 1-3, Show Tickets Berlin (+ London), EXCLUDING: stage performance/exam/certificate/guest teachers

€99 Deposit secures your place!  Click Here to Book



€349 (Any Full Weekend)

€99 Deposit secures your place!  Click Here to Book


Returning students: 25% reduction on any booking – Click Here

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