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Exclusive Drum Solos

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In the competitive world of dance, performers need unique music to enhance their individual style and specific skills.  Guy Schalom’s Exclusive Drum Solo service is an ideal way for dancers to make a more powerful impact on their audiences.

Drawing on decades of studio and dance experience, Guy Schalom offers tailor-made Arabic drum solos designed to suit the dancer’s specific requirements and personal dance style.

All music is 100% royalty free (no GEMA issues) and completely exclusive – only the commissioning dancer can perform to or sell the music – which means a consistently fresh and convincing experience for the dancer and audience.  Dancers have as much or as little input as they choose and will gain valuable insight by observing and being a part of the creation process.

The quality and originality of Guy Schalom’s percussion solos can be heard in the playlist below.  These bespoke solos are performed completely live and use absolutely no electronic percussion sounds.

Stand out from the crowd – use the contact form below to learn more about how an exclusive drum solo is a worthwhile investment towards your dance career and can help you achieve a more memorable performance.


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