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Studio Drumming + Percussion


Several studio recordings and commercial soundtrack sessions at studios such Air Lyndhurst, Abbey Road and Angel Studios have benefitted from Guy Schalom’s percussive versatility and focus.

He has recorded drums and percussion on releases for singers as diverse as Katy Carr and Colbert Hamilton as well movie sound tracks such as Warner Bros’ PAN (2015), Paul Hyett’s Seasoning House and Ben Mole’s short The Case of Mary Ford. 

Video game soundtrack recordings Guy has performed on include the award-winning SEGA’s Total War series: ROME II, Kingdom and Attila as well as Alien: Isolation, Thrones of Britannia, Troy, Nanman: Three Kingdoms, the brand new Warhammer III and the forthcoming Chaos Dwarfs.

Studio fixer Isobel Griffiths, Stephen Hussey (Urban Soul Orchestra), Amazon Studios, The DDA Group and Hollywood film composers John Powell (Bourne Trilogy) and Bear McReary (Lords Of The Rings: Rings Of Power, Highlander) are recent clients.

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