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Release date: OUT NOW

Track List: 1. Ama Barrawa (Bravo) / 2. Fakarouni (They Reminded Me) / 3. Courage – Baladi Amint Billah / 4. Fire – Tabla Solo / 5. Zay el Asal (Like Honey) / 6. Baeed Anak (Far From You) / 7. Passion – Baladi Awadi / 8. Magic – Tabla Solo / 9. Grace – Ashra Baladi Amint Billah / 10. Inspiration – Ashra Baladi Awadi


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Review of “TEN” by Guy Schalom:

“Guy Schalom’s tenth solo outing is a no-frills compilation of authentic Egyptian dance music in its pure form, no cross-cultural collaborations or influences, just vernacular dance music clearly presented and excellently executed.  Magdy Tewfiks’s quarter-tone accordion takes the melodic lead and does a good job at keeping the music authentic throughout.  In this he is ably supported by Ahmed El Saidi’s understated saxophone, from which he extracts a beautiful rich tone. As you would expect, the music is heavily percussion-led with riq, duff and mazhar percussion joining Schalom’s superb darabuka playing.  A great introduction to Egyptian dance music for the newcomer and worthy addition to any existing collection of North African music.” fROOTS (Mark T)

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